Monday, 3 June 2013

Sunshine and pretty flowers

Today has been all about taking some photos of products and picking flowers from the garden.

I try to take pictures of all the orders that I make, sometimes it's just a snapshot for my reference and others, like today it, it was a style shoot as an order was in a different colourway to what I normally do.

wedding table tags available from

I love to see flowers picked from the garden put into jam jars and milk bottles, as I find that garden flowers often have short stems and my vases are all quite large.

I like to "pretty up" my containers with scrapes of linen, lace, ribbon and vintage style letter stamps. It's so simple to do, I just fix the ribbon or whatever I'm using with some double sided tape to keep everything in place. If I'm using fabric scraps, simply iron a hem (no need to sew)to make a neat edge. Layer ribbon or lace over the top and fix again with tape.
The small glass bottle (which we found when digging the foundations of our new home!) has some linen ribbon and pink ricrac wrapped around. 

Now my home is filled with the heady scent of lilacs, my favorite flower... I will be sad to leave this behind when we move, but an excuse for buying some more, one of which I will plant near the kitchen window to allow the scent to billow through.

I must admit that most of the flowers in my garden are pinks and lilacs.....

Allium holladicum, lilac superba, aquilegia vulgaris, aquilegia winky , geranium sanguineum

But then there are splashes of blue....


And orange.....

These zesty orange poppies give a fantastic pop of colour

And of course, daisy's, a must for teaching Chloe the joys of making daisy chains.....

Daisy, daisy.....

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