Saturday, 1 March 2014

A little self improvment

Just before the madness of Christmas kicked in last year, I treated myself.

Shock, horror, something for me! not the kids, or hubby or even the house... ME

I booked myself onto Lyndsey James photocraft course. 

Lyndsey, for those who don't know, is an extremely talented photographer who specialises in the creative industries. I stumbled across Lyndsey's work not long after I started Elm Tree Studio, and surfing through facebook land I noticed her work on one of my favorite pages. Realising that my products were never going to sell through my photography skills, I knew that I needed help.

Last year, I went on one of Lyndsey's workshops in order to finally use my late fathers camera, a supa dupa Canon SRL. After just a couple of hours, cocooned in a gorgeous manor house in Ashbourne, Derbyshire I was snapping away, and producing shots that I loved...
I learnt to do foreground blur,background blur, lighting, using a tripod! Really everything that I needed to know for the types of shots I wanted to take for my business. The full course was two days, with the camera skills being on day one and photo styling on the second. Unfortunately, due to childcare, I couldn't do the second day, boohoo
So although my photography skills were and still are improving, I wasn't quite getting the style and feel of my images right. They didn't feel me

Learning to use my camera
Just before Christmas, Lyndsey posted about a new online e-course....
Photo styling, online, learning at my own pace, no childcare to worry about..... I signed up straight away!

Armed with my goody bag, notebook and camera, I spent two weeks gazing at my computer, scribbling notes, printing off lessons, raiding B&Q for wallpaper samples, ordering Annie Sloan paint samples, cutting, sticking, making pinterest boards..... ooh it felt like I was back at college, and I enjoyed every second.

Making a style board 

Painting props
Playing with styling

My essential sewing kit

I still have a way to go, and I'm still working through the lessons, but with each photo I take, my shots are improving, I'm liking the style, they feel me.

A new and improved product photo
So, if you want to learn how to take fabulous photos of your craft sign up now to one of photocraft online or real life workshops, you will have a wonderful time and learn lots of new skills.
To find out more, visit

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